Lite Edition

The Complete Livestock Management Hub.

Developed for the Smaller Commercial Finishing Unit

Easy-to-use Livestock Program for Smaller Commercial Producers, designed as an entry level program, with easy to use predefined reports and allows a data file to be created for easy upload of information to NAIT(NZ).

MacroStock Lite Edition Key Features :-


  • Import data from any source.

  • Easy to follow screens for data input.

  • Seamless uploading and downloading from scales.

  • View averages, totals, minimum and maximum.

  • NAIT File creation and upload records to NAIT (NZ) / NLIS (Aus).

  • Record predefined traits such as live weight.

  • View weight and gains.

  • Create your own reports and printouts.

  • Download data files from scales or stick reader.

  • Store data using cloud based back up to increase accessibility, also includes easy restore function.* (optional)


  • Create drafting requirements, in the comfort of the office, to upload to weigh scales, for easy auto drafting.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, 7 or 8.

  • Compatible with most modern scales, stick readers and auto-drafters.

MacroStock Pro Edition

It is ideal for the sheep and beef farmer, who wants to store and evaluate his data. With the ability to create reports and then analyse the results, to maximise profitability.

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MacroStock Stud Edition

Is a comprehensive pedigree and performance software solution, designed specifically to meet the needs of the Stud Breeder.

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