Stud Edition

The Complete Livestock Management Hub.

Developed for the Stud Breeder

MacroStock Stud contains the essential tools required for the easy management of all stud records in one location.
With its user friendly format, it makes complex stud data, easy to analyse. With the ability to create the individual reports you need, in the formats you require.
If you are a beef, sheep, goat or deer breeder, you can utilise the vast array of tools contained within MacroStock Stud to analyse your business. Using it to improve the quality of the animals you produce, with the traits you require – maximising your profitability.

With the versatility of a cloud backup facility you can access your data wherever you are!

MacroStock Stud Edition Key Features:-

MacroStock Stud contains all the feature of the Pro and Lite Versions plus:-


  • Export data to SIL(NZ) and SGA(Aust).

  • Import EBV’s from SIL(NZ) and SGA(Aust).

  • Record lamb/calf marking details.

  • Allows the creating and recording of production groups.

  • Fast lookup with RFID tags.

  • Comprehensive yard screen.

  • Record and rank animals within peer groups.

  • Record unlimited number of user defined traits.

  • Store data using cloud based back up to increase accessibility, also includes easy restore function.

Sales and Purchase

  • Create invoices and maintain sales records.

  • Record client details and store their purchase details for future use.

  • Record ram and semen sales.


  • Record full sire and dam information.

  • Store mating details, allowing analysis of low producing animals.

  • View individual animals’ details on the animals screen.

  • Sort animals into mobs or production groups for breeding and analysis of stock.

  • View animal performance using the comprehensive yard screen.

  • Full pedigree search facility.

  • Record mating/joining history.

  • Record pregnancy scanning results.


  • Record and sort data by EID tag or visual tag (Choice of tag options).

  • Quick record of animals.

  • Record tag colours.

  • Easy lamb/calf marking screen.

System Requirements

  • Requires Windows 10.

  • Compatible with most modern scales, stick readers and auto-drafters.