The Complete Livestock Management Hub.

The MacroStock Software Suite

Developed to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of the farming industry, MacroStock is so versatile it can be tailored to your farm’s unique requirements.

Whether you are a stud sheep or beef breeder, have a beef, deer or sheep fattening unit, or are a lifestyle farmer looking for an easy way to update your animals to NAIT(NZ), there is a MacroStock version, to suit your needs.

The MacroStock Suite of Livestock Management Tools, allows you to maximise the true potential of your herd or flock, by integrating your Stock Handler, Scales and EID Reader, with easy to use, and versatile software. The result is the world’s most powerful, real-time, comprehensive Livestock Management Hub. Allowing you to record and analyse comprehensive data down to individual stock level.

With the optional extra of cloud based back up, you can ensure your data is secure and available wherever you are.

MacroStock Stud Edition

MacroStock Stud:- is a Comprehensive Pedigree and Performance Recording Software Solution, designed specifically to meet the needs of the Stud Breeder.
Containing the essential tools required; for the management of all stud records; in one easy to access location.
With its user friendly format, it makes complex stud records easy to access and analyse. With the versatility to create the reports that you need, in the format you require.
If you are a beef, sheep, goat or deer breeder, you can utilise the versatile tools contained within MacroStock Stud to analyse your business. With easy to use data screens you can analyse the data of the animals you are producing enabling you to improve their quality, ensuring they have the traits you require – maximising your profitability.

With the versatility of a cloud backup facility you can access your data wherever you are.

Stud Edition